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For 22 years Enlightened Life has served as a generator of goodwill and higher consciousness on planet Earth. We invite you to join us in creating enlightened life on earth!

Enlightened Life is an international temple of consciousness. Founded in 1997 by western mystic, Chavah Aima and eastern yogi, Prince Hirindra Singh, the temple unifies these spiritual philosophies and teaches methods to attain greater awareness, peace and happiness in life. The teachings brought together by Chavah and Hirindra are available through Heart of the Rose School of Mastery, a comprehensive course in ageless wisdom.


These proven methods for spiritual awakening have been shared with hundreds of seekers around the world since the establishment of the school. When you enroll you will receive lessons by email and get access to recorded video classes with Chavah. Enlightened Life currently has plans to publish Levels 1 and 2 of Heart of the Rose in Spring 2016. Be sure to sign up for Chavah’s email list to receive more information when these unique volumes become available.

In 2003, the temple’s mission was expanded to include charitable initiatives for indigenous people. Our projects to date include the development of native business enterprises, solar power systems for tribal villages and the protection of indigenous spiritual traditions and life. Please visit the Indigenous Peoples Global Fund where you can learn more, donate and share the cause to support the indigenous and heal Mother Earth.

In 2012, we raised $5,400 for indigenous women and children through the India Tour for Women and Children. The charitable agencies that gratefully received these funds provide daycare centers, computer skills training for displaced women and girls, business start-up funds for native women. We also donated clothing, educational toys and supplies for infants and toddlers to a south Indian adoption center that is dedicated to the placement of orphaned native children with culturally appropriate families.

In 2008, Enlightened Life established the Sacred Garden Community in response to worldwide efforts by commercial agricultural corporations to secure the passage of laws prohibiting citizens from growing and sharing their own food. The community is a part of our international ministry to support humanity to understand and reclaim the divine grace that comes from living a natural life in harmony with the earth. You can join our worldwide community – get the Sacred Garden Community Guide and get started growing and sharing natural, sacred food.

Future plans for Enlightened Life Temple include the building of three temples around the world. The temples will be built according to sacred geometry and dedicated to accelerating the evolution of human consciousness to regenerate and heal the earth. When completed, a strong magnetic connection will exist between these temples, allowing visitors to step into the unified field of awareness within the temple walls. The first temple will be established in north America. Learn more and support the temple building plan at Enlightened Life Temple.

Enlightened Life Temple is not a static organization, but a vibrant and expansive spiritual resource that continues to grow and serve. As our work continues to evolve it is eternally linked to enhancing the conscious spiritual awakening of humanity through the uniting of the wisdom paths of east and west. We remain devoted to initiating, sustaining and expanding sustainable and enlightened life on earth.

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