Chavah Aima offers Soul Analysis, Soul Destiny reports, Cosmic Relationship Analysis, mentoring for spiritual awakening and life mastery, training programs for Soul Analysts, spiritual healing, natural living resources, ancient wisdom courses and more. If you desire to receive knowledge and insights that open you to the truth of who you really are and empower you to attain your dreams, a consultation with Chavah can help you reach your goals.

Chavah developed the Soul Analysis system of self-discovery following years of research into ancient mystical writings. She decoded the veiled symbolism embedded in these texts and found the keys that reveal the soul identity and spiritual mission of the human being. She shares these secrets in her books, Soul Analysis: What your Birthday Reveals about Your Spiritual Destiny and Practitioner’s Companion Guide: Unlocking the Secrets of Soul Analysis and through Soul Analysis consultations and seminars. She certifies Soul Analysts to use this powerful tool to help others heal and awaken to their soul’s mission in life.

Chavah provides in-depth consultations for individuals, couples and groups in person, by telephone or via online video meetings. She facilitates study groups, webinars and training programs that take you deep into ageless wisdom, teach you powerful techniques and awaken you to the power of your soul. The consciousness-shifting techniques she employs accelerate healing, personal growth, life mastery and spiritual development. She supports your unfoldment as she teaches you vital skills to transform your mind, body and soul and empower your inner guru to become the director of your life.

A former psychotherapist, Chavah closed her successful clinical practice to get fully immersed in the spiritual enlightenment traditions and master the time-honored secrets of the saints and yogi’s that awaken us to the fullness of spiritual reality. Over the past 20 years she has become a respected spiritual master in service to all, sharing the ancient wisdom in friendly, inspirational and practical ways. She gives you the tools you need to activate spiritual truth and apply it to improve every circumstance in your life.

Chavah holds the highest compassion and love for humanity, and has made a lifelong
commitment of worldwide service to awakening individuals to the divine being that lies within them. Her mission is to reveal the ancient secrets of the spiritual masters to help everyone awaken their soul’s gifts. She authored Spiritual Alchemy: Path of Radical Transformation to support this mission and help everyone realize their true potential.

All of the methods I offer are direct and penetrating. The energies I make available in private consultations and training programs can spontaneously free you from past limitations and awaken your soul to begin to create a consciously successful life that serves your highest good.– Chavah Aima

Whether you need advice about business, family, love, or the hidden aspects of any of life’s encounters, or if you have a desire to systematically activate and apply spiritual principles and practices for the transformation of yourself and the world; Chavah offers a variety of ways you can access, experience and claim your divine birthrights of health, happiness, love and power. No matter what religious or spiritual path you follow, Chavah will support you to become more spiritually aware, engaged with and devoted to your faith.

Books by Chavah Aima: Soul Analysis: What your Birthday Reveals about Your Spiritual Destiny, Spiritual Alchemy: Path of Radical Transformation, Living Light: The 21-Day Alchemical Regeneration Plan, The Secret Traditions of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and The Green Lion: An Alchemist’s Guide to Juicing. Audio training programs and meditation CD’s: Getting Ready to Regenerate, The Four Lower Bodies of Alchemy, Transforming from the Inside Out and Living Light: Alchemical Meditations for the 21-Day Regeneration Plan.

Chavah is available for individual and group training, professional consultations, speaking engagements, retreat facilitation and expert interviews.